5 Signs Showing the Real Estate Market is Recovering

Here are five answers I found that support the notion that things are looking up for the real estate industry.

Take a look, share them, blog them, and shoot me a comment in the box below to let me know what signs of change (if any) you’re seeing in your area.

1. More Homes Are Selling

The latest Price and Rent Monitors showed a big boost in asking prices across the U.S. – up 5.1 percent year-over-year. This a drastic change from the double digit declines of previous years. This is according to Trulia.
The relevant news for your buyer and seller prospects isn’t just that home prices are climbing, but that renting is getting more expensive as well. The statistics showed rents are up 5.2 percent year-over-year.

If you understand supply and demand, it’s obvious that these two facts point toward more real estate moves happening, and that consumers have gotten over the angst of previous years and shifted into the “recovery mindset.”

2. Better Mortgage Guidelines

Predatory lending practices linger near the top of many economists’ blame lists for the most recent market decline. And, after years of fallout from bad mortgages, capable buyers have been, understandably, slow to purchase.

For those buyers who’ve been anxious about the mortgage process and skeptical of the predatory lending the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau released it’s new mortgage guidelines which are “a set of standards that protects consumers from bad loans” so this is good news.
The new guidelines show that banks and the government are working out their differences to create a safer, more secure environment for homeowner hopefuls.

3. Low Foreclosures

Declining delinquencies aren’t just fluffed headlines, the numbers support what it seems many agents are feeling.
Delinquencies are down.  In November, 10.63% of mortgages were delinquent or in foreclosure, down a hair from 10.64% in October. The combined delinquency + foreclosure rate is at its lowest level in four years and is 41% back to normal.

4. 93% of Millenials plan to buy.

93 percent of current millennial renters plan to buy.
This is good news for an industry that’s suffered from years of skittish home shoppers and a lot of talk about home buying no longer being a part of the American Dream.

5. Investors are rushing in.

Another sign that we’re on the way to a high-paced recovery is that investors are making major moves to capitalize on today’s opportunity.
A recent story from Bloomberg covered how Blackstone Group, the largest U.S. private real estate owners, sped up it’s purchases of homes to try to beat out fast rising prices.
This is a sign for on the fence buyers to start their hunt before the weather heats up and they face more competition than they can handle.
These are some of the national signs that show the recovery is well under way. Let me know what you’re seeing, reading, and witnessing in your local market.
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