WEICHERT REALTORS Condo on State Rd Philadelphia PA 19114 – Listed by Ann McGuire

Stunning 2 bed, 2 bath condo in Desirable Rivers Bend community
Single Family Home
Main Features
2 Bedrooms
2 Bathrooms
Interior: 1,056 sqft
9536 State Rd
Philadelphia, PA 19114


(215) 6225070

Listed by:  ANN MCGUIRE


10 Do-It-Yourself Steps to Sell Your Home Faster

With the troubled housing market of the past five years and banks still reluctant to lend, its no wonder homeowners hoping to sell are sitting on the market for months at a time. Buyers, meanwhile, are trying to find a balance between their dream home and one that’s affordable.

For those trying to sell a house, what are some quick and easy DIY projects that can help sell your home faster? We asked experts to share step-by-step instructions for completing projects bound to modernize your home, from resurfacing cabinets to eliminating home odors to re-caulking bathroom grout.

1. Create a welcoming entrance If you don’t immediately impress potential buyers as they enter the home, you’re setting yourself up for a tough sell. Creating a welcoming entrance is arguably the most effective way to sell your home faster.
Here I will share the following tips for instantly improving curb appeal:

  • Remove weeds and make sure plantings are trimmed and don’t appear overgrown.
  • Replace old address numbers with modern exterior ones. It’s a quick and inexpensive update.
  • Paint the front door and refrain from excessive decoration.
  • Part of what makes an entrance appealing is what you don’t see. Specifically, your entrance should not be crowded with shoes, keys, mail, etc.
  • Add flowers to the front entrance

2. Mulch Applying mulch to your front and back yards is another inexpensive way to make your home more appealing to buyers.

  • Apply a one- to three-inch layer of mulch – any thicker, and roots will begin growing in the mulch instead of the soil, making them susceptible to drought and low temperatures.
  • Check the depth of the mulch in your landscape beds. It should be two to three inches deep. Add more mulch if you do not have the minimum level in place, but do not exceed four inches. When rainfall is limited, mulch not only conserves soil moisture, but moderates soil temperature and helps deter weeds.
  • Make sure your mulch is not too close to the base or trunk of the plant, as it could cause decay and winter injury.


3. Eliminating odors You may not notice odors in your home, but prospective buyers will.

First, open all windows for as many days as you can to “air out” the house.
Use baking soda as a way to fight odors: “Baking soda is a natural odor neutralizer, so if a spot in the carpet still smells funky after cleaning, try sprinkling some baking soda on it, leave it for 15 minutes or so, then vacuum.”
Baking soda can also be used in garbage disposals, trash cans, washing machines and refrigerators to knock out mystery smells.

Make sure there are no cigarette or pet odors, there have been many times that a beautiful, perfect home was turned down because the buyers could immediately point out certain smells and decided not to purchase the home.


Clean Home


4. Resurfacing cabinets Replacing your cabinets is undoubtedly a major expense and will likely require a professional to complete. Resurfacing your cabinets is a cost-effective way to spruce up your kitchen, though. A professional company called Granite Transformations does cabinet refacing.

  • Step 1: Remove hardware, doors and drawers.
  • Step 2: Clean the surface.
  • Step 3: Deglaze it with liquid sand, then clean again.
  • Step 4: Paint and, depending on the style you’re looking for, add a tint over the paint (design kits can help you with this).

Refinish Your Cabinets

5. New Countertops If you’re countertops are laminate or old, you can get a new look without breaking the budget. There are granite veneers that go over your existing countertops. I know of one company in the Bucks County, PA area that specializes in this. They send out someone to measure your existing countertops and then drop in a granite veneer over them. It’s cheaper than getting the traditional granite countertops. Granite Transformations is the name of the company. They do free in-home consultations. Other options are quartz and recycled glass.

Philadelphia Area
840 Upper State Rd
North Wales, PA 19454

Phone: 215-283-4498

Here are a few before and after pictures:

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

steps to selling your home in pa



















5. Baseboard repairs The baseboards in your home are subject to plenty of wear and tear over the years. To make some easy repairs, follow these tips:

  • Strike nails flush with face of trim board using a nail punch or awl tool.
  • Patch holes and/or small cracks/dents with wood filler; sand; re-paint with glossy paint for easy stain removal.
  • Caulk or re-caulk top of trim to wall.

6. Nail-hole repairs While nail holes are hard to notice, buyers typically inspect every inch of the house. You don’t want to let a small nail hole dissuade potential buyers. Here are more simple suggestions for Foti:

  • Step 1: In drywall/plaster, use a four-inch drywall knife to apply drywall spackle.
  • Step 2: On trim, use fingers to apply wood filler.
  • Step 3: Repaint.

7. Caulking Speaking of caulking, the grout in your bathroom or shower is likely to become moldy and dirty. To re-caulk, consider Foti’s tips:

  • Step 1: Make sure the area to be caulked is clean, dry and free of debris and contaminants.
  • Step 2: Fashion the correct size of tube opening for the desired size bead of caulk (cut tube tip for a small opening initially).
  • Step 3: Ensure the proper tube is bought for the job at hand: latex (interior), acrylic (exterior/kitchen/bath) or silicon (kitchen/bath, not intended to be painted).
  • Step 4: The gap between surfaces to be caulked should not exceed one-fourth to three-eighths of an inch. Use backer rod for larger gaps.
  • Step 5: Allow caulk to set-up/cure according to manufacturer recommendations before exposing to water.
  • Step 6:Use a slightly damp rag to smooth excess caulking from your project.


8. Spruce up your appliances Instead of replacing older appliances that work for the sole purpose of having a more updated kitchen, update their knobs — its costs less and adds some “curb appeal.”
You can remove most knobs and replaced them without using any tools, or with minimal use of needlenose pliers..

As for how to complete the project, here are the steps:

  • Step 1: Grip the old knob and pull it from the knob shaft gently but firmly.
  • Step 2: Check to ensure the metal or plastic insert of the knob remains in the knob, not on the shaft.
  • Step 3: Press the new knob onto the shaft (some knobs screw into place.) A knob or dial that screws in is generally used when the function of the knob is a push or pull as opposed to a turn. For these types you will screw the dial on and off instead of sliding.


9. Changing a handle Believe it or not, changing an appliance’s handle is slightly different.

  • Step 1: Before you start, check to see how the old handle is attached. There will be at least two screws holding the handle onto the appliance. In some cases, there may be a keyhole slot as well.
  • Step 2: Remove the screws and remove the old handle gently to avoid damaging or scratching the door.
  • Step 3: Replace the handle, starting with the keyhole slot if there is one, followed by the screws.
  • Step 4: Secure the screws tightly.

10. Clean out those closets And a final DIY project that doesn’t require any tools or experience: Cleaning out your closets.
While shoving everything into a closet has been your go-to clean-up plan since your teen years, potential buyers will undoubtedly look behind every door in your home. Keep bedroom, linen closets and storage spaces neat and tidy to avoid any embarrassing surprises. Consider decluttering and placing all things in bins in the attic. If you are strapped for time in the mornings, buy bins for under the bed and place all your hamper clothes and shoes in there and simply slide it back under.

A few other things to clean are windows and window sills, fridge, freezer, oven, microwave, outside and inside of cabinets, fans, blinds, inside closets, and have your floors professionally cleaned or buffed.

I highly recommend hiring a cleaning crew for a deep clean of your home and then just for maintenance.

deep clean your home

deep clean your home

If you are thinking of getting a cleaning crew it’s best to contact your realtor and ask who they would recommend.

Home Buying Process in PA

Home Buying Process in PA

Home Buying Process

First Steps

There are some questions you need to answer even before you start your search. If you’re a first-time home buyer or someone who hasn’t bought a home recently, we recommend that you begin with an in-person Buyer Consultation. That will enable me as your Bucks County Real Estate Agent to help you identify and clarify your requirements for your new home and then give you a good idea what to expect when you proceed with your home search.

Here are some questions to ponder as you begin to define the kind of home you really want:

  • What style or type of home interests you – contemporary or historic, ranch or colonial?
  • How large a home do you want, with how many bedrooms and baths?
  • What do you think are the key features? (For example: eat-in kitchen, deck, fireplace, family room or central air conditioning)
  • How will you determine whether a location is right for you – schools? Commuting needs? Availability of shopping?
  • Would you consider buying a home that is in need of some renovation or expansion?
  • Will it be necessary to sell your home to buy your next one?

During your Buyer Consultation, I will also introduce you to one of our Financial Managers, a financial expert who can assist you with getting a mortgage credit approval and calculating just how much you can afford to spend.

Once you begin your search, I can show you any home at all, even if it’s listed with another real estate agency. Whether your interest is piqued by a For Sale sign, an ad in the paper or a listing on a website like Realtor.com, I will be your best resource for learning more of the details.

I’ll begin to work with you by diligently searching the current inventory of available homes to find ones that meet your expectations. Part of what I do is network in your specific neighborhood you’re interested in, keeping a close watch in order to let you know the moment a new house that fits your criteria comes on the market or when a home you might like drops its price.

If this is your first time buying a home or you’ve already been through the process, I will guide you through each  step, and will be your resource for everything and anything you need.  Coldwell Banker is a full service agency and we can streamline everything from helping you to find the right mortgage all the way to moving services…all done in house.

Feel free to call or email when you’re ready to take your first step

Contact Me

Focal Point in Staging

Improve the Resale Price on Your Home – Tips from a Realtor’s Point-of-View

It’s not a secret that home values are down. To top things off, it’s a buyer’s market, meaning that there are more buyers than PA homes for sale. So, most of you are thinking “How do I sell my house for the most that I possibly can?”
As a New Hope PA realtor, I have the privilege to tap into my client’s thoughts, wants and needs. So, when I take my buyers home shopping usually the wife is the one that falls in love with the house and tells her husband how she will decorate it, what she would change, on and on. So, in essence, she persuades her husband into loving and buying the home. Knowing this, it’s important to know that you should have more of a feminine aesthetic for your home. Start thinking pretty, light, and airy.
Set your budget and stick to it. Don’t reinvent the wheel, stick to what you already have including the kitchen cabinets and all appliances (even if they’re avocado green!) I’m going to give you secrets that most realtors don’t even know.
First off, get rid of clutter. When you think you got rid of it, get rid of more clutter including all family pictures…consider only the essentials.
Think- bins under the beds for those last minute showings and getting a storage room for all boxes, tools, extra furniture. Hey, this saves you from packing everything all at once!
This will make your home seem larger and without your pictures, the buyers can more easily see this as “their” home, not “yours.” This will also prep your home for the next steps.
stage your home pa

stage your home pa

stage your home pa

stage your home pa


Now, take down wallpaper and paint all the walls neutral, I know, everyone says that, but this really makes a difference and opens up your home.

Think eggshell colors and no high gloss and definitely not hospital white. Go for the affordable paint, not the expensive brands. Most people can’t tell the difference.  Keep all trim and doors white.

Glidden Paint has about 30 colors in their Off-White Palette. Click on the Off-Whites to choose your favorite. Glidden is very affordable and can be found at Home Depot and Walmart.

Paint home light colors to sell quickly

Paint home light colors to sell quickly

light colored walls

Light colors on the wall open up space

I find that sticking to one paint color throughout each entire floor creates an easy flow of the home and doesn’t make it feel so compacted. The same goes true for floors. Most clients hate seeing more than 2 different types of flooring on the main floor of the home.
Don’t forget the garage and floor. If your basement has a musty smell, try cleaning with very diluted bleach on the walls and paint over them with an anti-mold agent mixed in. Home Depot has staff that can help you find the right paint.


deep clean your home

deep clean your home

Get your wooden floors buffed and carpets cleaned. Consider renting a carpet cleaner instead of buying new carpets. Try to use a heavy duty pet deodorizer if you have pets or are a smoker to get rid of odors. Please clean all mold and mildew off of all grout in the bathroom and kitchen.Use diluted bleach. There’s no point in turning a buyer off when bleach can be bought at the dollar store.




Rearrange the living room and other rooms to create focal points for when your realtor (hopefully, me!) starts taking pictures of your home. Doing this in real estate is called staging. Look at the difference in the rooms in the gallery below and try doing the same with your furniture.

Sell Your Home FasterSell Your Home FasterStaging Your Home to Sell in PA



Your top selling points in your home are THE KITCHEN and THE BATHROOMS. With my tips and resources, don’t get overwhelmed if your home is not updated.
Here is what you do:


1. Start with the cabinets in your bathroom first. The reason for this is if you mess up you can easily fix it and it won’t cost as much as it would with your kitchen.

2. Declutter the cabinets and take off all hinges and knobs. (Please don’t paint these, it will make your bathroom look cheap) Fix holes, dents, etc with putty. Clean all surfaces.

3.  There are two options to reface your cabinets.

Option 1 (the affordable option)paint bathroom cabinets

Paint your bathroom cabinets. Make sure to consult with an expert how to paint the surfaces.

Note: This is not the time to be artistic— think neutral, light and airy.

When using a paint color add a glaze to give it a special touch.

Colors to use in the bathroom: White, Cream, Black, or any Light to Medium Woods.
Option 2

Contact a company that can do the refacing of your cabinets. Granite Transformations is a company that offers this service and you may get a deal if you decide to have your kitchen countertops made by them. Click here to see their colors



Most people overlook the counters in the bathroom unless they are dated or in bad condition. Don’t paint over the bathroom countertops. bathroom cabinetThis will make it look worse.

Measure your existing counter, get the length and width. Also get the length and width of your desired backsplash.

You can find affordable options at Home Depot or Lowe’s. They give you many options including backsplashes and with a bowl.

Go for the most cost effective option.


1. Now that your a pro on cabinet refinishing take a step back and figure out if your kitchen is contemporary, vintage, or traditional. Stick to that theme. Remember don’t reinvent the wheel.

2. Declutter, clean, take off all cabinets and hardware (don’t paint the hardware-BIG NO, NO).

3. Refinish- Hire a professional company like Granite Transformations to refinish your cabinets.

The 2 top colors for kitchens are OFF-WHITES (very light gloss) and any MEDIUM TO LIGHT WOODS. These colors are such an easy sell (remember light and airy) and they go with everything. Don’t use bright colors like or this will be a turn off.

selling your home for top dollar

selling your home for top dollar

update your kitchen to sell your home

update your kitchen to sell your home



If your appliances are all one color, like White, Black or Stainless Steel, then leave them alone.appliance art

I recently discovered there is a more economical solution to the dilemma of mismatched appliances: Appliance Art. This company makes films and panels to go over your existing appliances.  If just one appliance is a totally different color or you’re appliances are all completely dated, try this super affordable new way to cover them up.

This company has been featured on QVC as seen on their website and it shows you how nice it can make your kitchen look.

They have the Stainless Steel look in real panels, magnetic panels, and adhesive film.

I would recommend the stainless steel, white or black magnetic panels to cover your appliances.

The company has decorative panels as well and I really don’t recommend to go artsy with your appliances. (Think light & airy)

If you really want to cover up the entire appliance color try the adhesive film.


If you have a dated or cheaply made counters now is the time to think of upgrading.

The high end route would be to get a granite overlay on your existing countertops.

This will significantly add to the value of your home without paying the price of removing your existing countertops or installing whole granite slabs. This is a new trend now, Home Depot or Lowe’s don’t offer this option that I know of and some granite places may not either.

I did find a place near Bucks County, PA called Granite Transformations.

They have a variety of options from granite veneers to glass overlays for your kitchen cabinets.

They also have cabinet refacing options if you choose you don’t want to risk refacing the cabinets yourself.

Again, find the most cost effective way, stay within the kitchen theme, don’t be artsy and keep it in a light color scheme. Remember you’re trying to get a Return On Investment.

Make sure to go to 2 or 3 places to get estimates on price ranges of products, delivery, and installation costs. Any reputable company should be able to give you an estimate based on your measurements.

A more budget friendly option for replacing your countertops would be solid wood countertops that can be cut, sanded and treated as required. They come in a variety of wood types and provide a warmth some other materials simply can’t.

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

kitchen before and after

kitchen before and after

steps to selling your home in pa

steps to selling your home in pa

If you have any questions, check out my website at http://www.newhoperealtor.com to learn about my services that I offer. My consultation for you is always free!

interior decorating style

INTERIOR DECORATING: What Style of Home Are You?

Contemporary: This home décor style features cleanContemporary lines and smooth, round surfaces. The contemporary color palette focuses on neutral tones such as beige, white, and tan, with light woods and metallic accents for a small pop of color. Fabrics in contemporary style homes are generally cottons, silks, and linens, which balance out the austere features with some needed texture. This style emphasizes ease, functionality, simplicity, and no-fuss living.

Modern StyleModern: Modern home décor also emphasizes simplicity, but it’s characterized by geometric shapes, symmetry, and a sleek feeling. Black, silver, gray, and white are popular modern design colors, but are often paired with a dramatic accent color. Surfaces tend to be granite or concrete, and hardware is generally stainless steel. Despite the emphasis on starkness, modern design is notable for the importance it places on eye-catching and vibrant art pieces.

Eclectic: Why have just one home décor style when you can choose your favorite elementseclectic from all of them? The eclectic home décor style is gaining in popularity because of its flexibility and emphasis on building a décor strategy out of key pieces that you already own. Eclectic home décor mixes and matches colors, time periods, fabrics, shapes, and textures to create a space that is truly unique to the individual. Despite that, eclectic style is still held together by a neutral color scheme and allowing your personal style to shine with creative and bold accessories.

Ann Mc Guire, Realtor

Marketing B.A. (2007)

Weichert Realtors

cell (215) 622-5070



Open House May 5, 2013 from 1-4 pm, Single Home in Richboro, PA

Ann Mc Guire | Weichert| (215) 622-5070
63 Deborah Rd, Richboro, PA
Toll Brothers home with 4 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths Colonial in Tanyard Farms. Council Rock Schools.
4BR/2+1BA Single Family House
offered at $434,000
Year Built 1975
Sq Footage 2,618
Bedrooms 4
Bathrooms 2 full, 1 partial
Floors 2
Parking 2 Car garage
Lot Size 20,038 sqft
HOA/Maint $0 per month

Council Rock School Districts are TOP RATED for Pennsylvania!
see additional photos below

– Dining room – Family room – Living room
– Master bath – Storage space – Sun room
– Walk-in closet – Lawn – Yard
– Central A/C – Central heat – Garage – Attached
– Fireplace – Tile floor

– Top School Districts of Pennsylvania

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Contact info:
Ann Mc Guire
Bachelors of Science in MARKETING
cell (215) 622-5070
For sale by agent/broker

Catch the Spring Buyers!!!

 Valuable information for buyers and sellers.

Spring is here, and with it the return of outdoor activities. As the season changes from winter to spring, homeowners should be sure to complete several key maintenance tasks that can help prevent structural damage, save energy and keep a home’s systems running properly.

On your next free weekend, here are some household maintenance activities that are worth your time to undertake:

  • Inspect your roof, chimney and siding for winter damage. Look for and replace any loose shingles, bricks or boards. This is also a good time to clean your siding with some soap and water from the garden hose.
  • Ensure gutters are free of leaves, sticks and other debris. Do it yourself by clearing the muck and then flushing the gutters with water to make sure they drain properly, or hire a professional gutter cleaner.
  • Have your air-conditioning unit serviced, change your air filters and vacuum out your floor registers. The first really hot day is not the day you want to find out your air conditioning no longer works.
  • Make sure your child’s swing set is still safe to use. Tighten bolts, remove any sharp edges or splinters that are sticking up, and clean off any mold growth.

Ready to Sell?

Call Me Ann 215.622.5070


Free Presentation to Buy or Sell Your Home

Bucks County Realtor PA

Request a Free Presentation On How We Will Market and Sell Your Home. Remember, All Real Estate Agents Are NOT Alike.

A “Listing Presentation” is an industry term for the formal presentation that a real estate agent makes to prospective home sellers, trying to earn their trust and business. Don’t list your home with a real estate agent without it! We would love the opportunity to make such a presentation to you.

We’ll visit your Bucks County home in Pennsylvania, and together we will walk through it, considering the positives and negatives (if any!). You will then see exactly how we would propose to sell your home, for as much as the market will bear, and within your time frame. We will tell you where we will advertise your home, both in print and on the web. With the dramatic growth in homebuyer usage of the web, you MUST have a top real estate agent that can extensively market your home online!

And you’ll find out what your home is worth, because part of our presentation will include a CMA (Comparative Market Analysis) of your home. We’ll compare your home to others like it in the Bucks County area that have recently sold, and also to others that are currently for sale. This is a very important way of determining the fair market value of your home.

Comparative Market Analysis Pennsylvania

Comparative Market Analysis Pennsylvania

We make free presentations and prepare CMAs for prospective home sellers.

We’d love the chance to make a presentation for you. It is totally free and without any obligation. Call us! Or fill out this form…

Yes, you can request a FREE in-home presentation of how we would market your property in the Bucks County area! We do these presentations for people all the time. It’s our job! There’s no obligation, and we’ll get back to you quickly…

Myths and Facts About Home Appraisals

Consumers tend to have some misconceptions about the appraisal process

 Each property is unique, and the appraiser relies on his or her general expertise and specific research to arrive at an opinion of value. Appraisals are an infrequent experience for most consumers, who consequently tend to have some misconceptions about the process and the results.
Home Appraisal

Home Appraisal

Here are some myths and facts:
Myth: The primary purpose of an appraisal is to make sure the buyer doesn’t pay too much for the house.
Fact: An appraisal provides valuable information for the buyer and the seller, but the appraiser’s primary mission is to protect the lender. Lenders don’t enjoy owning overpriced property any more than they relish lending money to irresponsible borrowers. That’s why the appraisal takes place before the lender grants final approval of the buyer’s loan.
Myth: Appraisers use a specific formula, such as one using the price per square foot, to figure out exactly how much each home is worth.
Fact: Appraisers weigh the location of the home, its proximity to desirable schools and other public facilities, the size of the lot, the size and condition of the home itself and recent sales prices of comparable properties, among other factors.
Myth: Good housekeeping can improve a home’s valuation.
Fact: Appraisers aren’t interested in dirty dishes or dusty dressers, but they do notice such signs of neglect as cracked walls, chipped paint, broken windows, torn carpets, damaging flooring and inoperable appliances.
Myth: Anyone who has a clipboard and business cards can be an appraiser.
Fact: Federal law requires states to establish minimum standards and licensing practices for real estate appraisers. In Pennsylvania, for example, trainees must take several courses, pass an examination and complete hours of supervised experience.
Myth: Appraisers have no obligation to reveal home defects to buyers.
Fact: If the buyer is applying for a mortgage that will be insured by the Federal Housing Administration (FHA), the appraiser must survey the physical condition of the home and disclose potential problems to the buyer. No such obligation exists for non-FHA mortgages.
Myth: An appraisal is identical to a home inspection.
Fact: The FHA disclosure requirement notwithstanding, an appraisal isn’t a substitute for a professional home inspection. The appraiser formulates an opinion of the property’s value for the lender, while the inspector educates the buyer about the condition of the home and its major components.
Myth: If the appraiser’s opinion of value is lower than the purchase price, the buyer won’t be able to purchase the home.
Fact: A transaction can sometimes survive a “low” appraisal if the seller reduces the purchase price, the buyer makes a hefty downpayment or a separate escrow account is set up to fund repairs that will increase the value of the home. On rare occasions, an appraiser will reconsider his or her opinion if new evidence supports a higher valuation.
There are ways to appeal the appraisal and I have resources and knowledge on helping you with this step of the appraisal process.
Contact me for more information.